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Ball Racks

Ball racks
seed cleaning

Throw away brushes and brush drive problems. Now you can equip your present machinery with the our Ball Racks and enjoy the benefits of a ball cleaning mechanism, without having to replace your current cleaner or screens.


Ball Cleaners are the newest improvement in seed cleaners. With them, greater capacity has been achieved, while maintenance costs have been slashed.
Think of the benefits!!

  • High frequency vibration in an overall random pattern keeps holes clean and enables the product to be exposed to more screen openings during any set period.
  • The elimination of brushes, cables, axles, pulleys, and belts cuts maintenance problems and repair costs, not to mention the time that is saved.
  • Increase Capacity. Your screens stay cleaner with less blinding. More usable screen area.
  • Installing BALL RACK
    The screen tabs are permanently attached to the screens. The BALL RACKS are then quickly and positively attached with the ¼ turn aircraft fasteners.


    Changing Screens
    Changing screens is simple. When the screen is removed, the BALL RACKS come out with the screen. Set the screen on the floor, click the aircraft fasteners and lift the screen off. Place your new screen on the racks, click the fasteners closed and you are ready to replace the screen. It's quick, it's positive, and you don't have stray balls bouncing around.