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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors
belt conveyor

Roll Flo.  A belt conveyor that can throw you a curve.

Seedmen have appreciated the advantages of the dual roller V-idler belt conveyor for a long while. Reduction in cold weather freeze up problems.  Lower horsepower requirements. Minimal cleaning. Extended belt life. Now our engineers have taken a good thing and made it better.


Roll Flo's original side channel design offers you several other benefits. Like reduced spillage.
Time and money saving bolt together erection.


Exceptional flexural strength.

  • Lagged head pulley
  • Compact and self cleaning
  • Dual roll sealed ball bearing V idler
  • Standard components for readily available parts
  • Greatly reduces, duplication of head and tail units
  • Each system is manufactured to fit your requirements
  • Optional cover protects product from contaminants and the elements
  • Standard 24" belt models, inquire for larger and smaller sizes and capacities

Thanks to a unique side channel design the Roll Flo can actually curve up  or downhill for multilevel installation. This exclusive feature allows  up to 71/2 degrees of change from one unit of side channel to the next.


The crescent top polyurethane belt acts like thousands of tiny mini buckets, treating your fragile product gently while insuring full capacity at grades up to 15 degrees. The result is remarkably flexible system that offers considerable savings by eliminating the need to duplicate expensive head and tail units at every level or angle change.